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Osirix Limited

Dedicated to providing technical solutions and services to clients around the world.

We work closely with clients to achieve their goals and grow their market share.
We conduct thorough research and analysis of the business understand their requirements, current circumstances, target market and strategic objectives.
We identify the challenges and opportunities facing our clients and develop robust and adaptable solutions to manage, mitigate and overcome market risks and harness a world of opportunities.

Rail and Road Transport solutions

We draw on our wealth of transport expertise to develop public transport proposals that are sensible, deliverable and deliver real Value for Money.

Mobile Applications

We develop and deploy applications that streamline processes and save time and money for clients, while optimising and automating business activity.

Digitalisation and Technical Integration

We guide our clients in identifying existing system weaknesses and opportunities to develop integrated, digitalised solutions that are focused on delivering client and passenger outcomes over long-term timeframes.

Benefits Realisation

We ensure our solutions are led by achievement of quantifiable benefits. By ensuring benefits are progressive and traceable, our clients deliver better outcomes for passengers and Infrastructure Managers, including:

  • Improved Service Provision
  • Better Customer Service Experience
  • Enhanced Economic Efficiency
  • Higher Safety and Performance

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

Osirix comprises of two distinct divisions and we put client and customer benefits realisation at the heart of everything we do.
We focus on delivering and quantifying interim and end-stage benefits to deliver:

  • Increased system capacity
  • Improved Reliability and availability
  • Enhanced operational performance and resilience
  • Improved system safety and security
  • Lower Whole Life Cost

We are committed to delivering the highest standards for our clients, their clients and end-users of our systems.

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